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The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a test which measures people’s English language skills to see if they are good enough to take a course at university or graduate school in English-speaking countries. It is for people whose native language is not English. TOEFL scores are increasingly and predominantly accepted by US colleges and universities.


Brighter Prep Dubai’s TOEFL course offers comprehensive preparatory programs for the TOEFL examination. Brighter Prep offers TOEFL preparatory courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul. 3 types of TOEFL preparatory courses are offered: Group course, Individual course and Hybrid course. A TOEFL diagnostic test precedes each student’s admission into the TOEFL preparatory course.


TOEFL test is available in 3 different formats.

  1. IBT (Internet based test) that is being brought in around the world which measures listening, speaking, reading and writing. The most commonly used format.
  2. CBT (Computer-based TOEFL test). Examinees are provided computers to take the test. A writing section was added as well as the three sections. The level of listening and grammar skills are automatically changed depending on the individual’s English level.
  3. PBT (Paper-based TOEFL test). Is currently being phased out of usage, though in special circumstances may still be utilized.



Brighter Prep’s TOEFL Group Courses consist of:

  • 10 core classes of 2 hours each
  • Include comprehensive Practice Tests
  • Unlimited reading, writing, listening and speaking practices
  • A complementary 30-minute session with our Admissions Consultants to discuss your university applications

Each week the classes shall focus on one particular module. Each module has different structures and skill sets that are required and as such the classes are designed to cater to the requirements that need to be met.


Individual Course allows for customization per the needs and requirements of the students. We offer the needful flexibility in terms of the number of sessions, length of each session and the time of the session(s).

Brighter Prep’s TOEFL one- to-one premier tutoring allows students to:

  • Customize a program designed and delivered around your needs
  • Set the schedule and pace that’s right for you in conjunction with your tutor
  • Get realistic practice with full-length TOEFL Practice Test experiences



Brighter Prep’s Hybrid course is very popular with the students. It is not only cost-effective but also provides flexibility and efficiency of individual sessions.

The Hybrid Course package includes:

  • Group registration and some discounted individual sessions
  • Each student can take as many individual sessions as needful
  • Each student opts for a group registration, along with two, four, or six individual sessions
  • To find out more about the courses we offer, or to create a customized course at your school, call us on + 971 (0) 4 354 2928  055 371 0001 or email us at

We invite your suggestions, queries and feedback. This will help us to serve you better.

TOEFL ibt Articles & Tips

IELTS vs TOEFL Test Prep Course Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

TOEFL Ibt Test & IELTS General Test Difference:

What Are the Basic Differences?
The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are two of the most widely-accepted tests to certify your English proficiency which can be taken at numerous locations globally.
When trying to decide between the TOEFL and the IELTS, first consult the university entry requirements for your chosen course and make sure that they accept both; after that, the most important factors are convenience and your particular skill set.


General Information
The TOEFL offers only academic English

the IELTS offers an academic option as well as a general test(this is generally the preferred test for immigration purposes to the UK, Australia and Canada).

The IELTS Academic Test and the TOEFL IBT are both more difficult compared to the IELTS general test , but they are usually the only options if you want to study at any level higher

In the UAE The Ministry of Higher Education has made it mandatory that all Higher Education Institutions must teach in English. Therefore the universities and colleges require the proficiency test to be taken to gauge your eligibility for entry to the course of your choice.

No matter which test you take, be aware that all scores expire 2 years after your test date.

First of all, both of them have four basic sections, each of which tests a basic skill (reading, listening, speaking, writing).

TOEFL only tests academic subjects

IELTS academic option will have academic reading and writing sections combined with general listening and speaking sections.

Deciding how hard the TOEFL is versus the IELTS truly depends on your English background.

The IELTS also doesn’t have a listening component on the integrated assignments, although on one of the two

assignments you will have to incorporate a graphic or other written information source into your argument. The second essay on both tests is an independent question that simply asks your opinion about some issue.

The TOEFL speaking section is done by recorder and mostly involves explaining your opinions and summarizing/interpreting information from other sources.

On the IELTS, your speaking test will take place in person and will include a short speech (you’ll have a small period in which to prepare it) and a conversation component.

If you’re most experienced with American English, you may prefer TOEFL; if you’ve learned British English you may prefer IELTS. It’s important to note that neither test will penalize you for using one or the other dialect, as long as your answers are fluent, clear, and, of course, correct.

TOEFL Test vs. IELTS Test : Which is the easiest one to do?

It’s pretty difficult to compare the TOEFL and the IELTS directly. A better way to find the answer to this question is to ask yourself a few questions. Answer the following questions with a simple “yes” or “no.”

I am comfortable with computers. YES/NO

I am comfortable speaking into a microphone. YES/NO

I can type quickly. YES/NO

I prefer standard American English. YES/NO

I am good at answering multiple-choice questions. YES/NO

It is easy for me to take notes from a recording. YES/NO

The authentic English sources I read/listen to/watch are usually intended to inform rather than entertain. YES/NO

If you answered YES to most of these questions, the TOEFL is probably the best fit for your skill set.

I am comfortable having a detailed interview in-person. YES/NO

I have legible English handwriting. YES/NO

I can understand a variety of dialects of English. YES/NO

I prefer tests with many question types, including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true/false, and flowcharts. YES/NO

I feel most comfortable discussing non-academic topics in English. YES/NO

The authentic English sources that I read/listen to/watch are usually made to entertain. YES/NO

If you answered YES to most of these questions, then you might find the IELTS to be more suited to your requirement

Sharon Stephen TOEFL ibt 116/120

Our Student scores speaks about us. (Recent TOEFL ibt score)


Ulrich TOEFL ibt 110 (1-week Preparation)

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From: Ulrich Van de Woestyne Date: Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 9:47 AM
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To: Gloria Butler ,


I got a 110 as a score.
Thanks a lot for the support!!


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