SAT Course Dubai and Abu Dhabi

SAT Course Dubai starts on  Every Friday 

Free SAT/ACT College Admissions Session: Thursday, 29th Jan’15 , 6:30 pm.

SAT Weekend Preparation Course – Abu Dhabi starts on Friday, Time: 2-5 pm,Duration : 6 weeks.

Preparing for SAT is a critical part of each student’s college planning. SAT is designed to test each student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Only through the right training and guidance can students get an edge over others in SAT performance and in getting admission into top US colleges. Other than SAT, admission criteria into US colleges also demands great school grades, enthusiastic letters of recommendation, and well written personal essays.

Brighter Prep Dubai’s SAT Prep Course program focuses on preparing students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). We offer three types of SAT courses: Group course, Individual course and Hybrid course.

See the Sample of Class Modules



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