Micheal, Harvard Business School

Dear Varun, Mohnish, Libby and Emilio,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a HUGE thank you for all the help you have provided me in the last few months!

Indeed, when I first came to see Varun, I had no idea how and why I wanted to go to Business School.

5 months later (just 5 months..), I feel I have learnt so much about myself, and I am packing my bags to go to the biggest business school in the world.
And I truly feel I could not have done it without all of you, from Sumeet at the reception to Libby, who helped me do a necessary deep self-introspection.

There are no words (and surely nothing tangible) to express my gratitude towards all of you, your company, your people.
From the GMAT to preparing the essays and the interviews, you guys have always been AWESOME!
I will just say that I will be my honour and my pleasure to help you guys, if I can, as you have helped me, with inspiring others, motivating them, encouraging them, and even prepping them if I can… as I feel I have learnt so much about these schools (and the feedback I got from my HBS interviewer who called me to announce the good news could also be valuable!)

Thank you again for everything, and please do not hesitate to call on me if there’s anything I can help you with.

In the meantime, I will take what I feel is a well-deserved break for Easter (2 weeks off… finally!) and go to the U.S, obviously!

But when I do come back, it would be my pleasure and honour to come and see you at your offices and take you out for lunch/dinner or drinks, at your convenience!

Thanks again, and wish you all the best!


John, Korean Accepted to IMD, Switzerland and IE, Spain

John Yoon, Korean  Accepted to IMD, Switzerland and IE, Spain 

John is Korean, who was working in Dubai with Worridul Spine Centre (Mubadala) in Dubai before he applied for his MBA at IMD. John had worked with Hana Bank, LG Phillips, L’oreal. In his 12 years of working experience he also founded a consulting company in Malaysia. John worked in the UAE, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China. He did schooling in Indonesia and college in Korea. John graduated in December 2012 from IMD, Switzerland.

John’s Journey with Brighter Prep in his words…

‘I met Varun mid April 2011 in my search for a good GMAT prep course available in Dubai. I was aiming for a top-ranking MBA school in Europe but I was totally not prepared and didn’t know where to start. I had bought a GMAT book and studied it individually for few weeks only to find my mock-exam score faltering in the early 600’s. I needed some straight lessons on building my fundamental skills on both quantitative and verbal sections. During my search, I went to different prep institutions available in Dubai. The institutions all promoted that they guarantee an improved GMAT score but after some further research I started to realize that many of the institutions are not very focused on GMAT classes. Also, they seem to be helpless when it came to B-School counseling prospective students on which MBA the students must apply to. Simply put, many of the already established institutions in Dubai were like factories, applying their teaching philosophy to the students, not the other way around.

This was the main reason why I started to have faith in Varun. Varun was just starting Dubai chapter of his career and was busy building his office set up. Despite his restrained time schedule he was very dedicated and responsive in helping me to answer whatever naive curiosity I had at the time. Not only was he knowledgeable about various MBA requirements but he was also very instrumental in letting me realize my potentials and my fit with the schools I was applying to. So my journey with Varun began.

I was aiming to complete everything within 2 months. It was not an easy task. I started with a custom-made GMAT practice program which Varun offered. Simultaneously, Varun and I sat for hours of interview to obtain useful resources for school essays. I believe there’s no king’s road to successful entry to a top MBA school. Your best bet is to prepare well in advance and meet the right teacher and counselor to shorten the time invested. In the beginning, many MBA wannabees fall into the trap of thinking high GMAT score is all you need to get accepted. I know this because I also had very hard time trying to get my GMAT to the level I wanted. I took my first one and scored under 600. Unbelievable, I thought and I had given myself a second try. Second attempt gave me an improved score but it wasn’t enough. I started thinking this is going to be an endless road fighting against GMAT until I have the right score, the score every school will want. However, the successful ones will tell you that GMAT score is only a part of what you are. GMAT is a minimum standard which the schools use as tool to measure you against other prospective candidates. Hence you must quickly realize your focus must not be center around a good GMAT score but your other significant selves including the essays about your life, career, belief, motivation, passion and future. I learnt this the hard way and Varun has been truly inspirational in helping me to build confidence in my essays and hold the faith in the areas I believed I was strong. After all, an MBA means different from person to person and it is up to you to decide who you want to be. An MBA will show you the path to your success but in the making you need to strive to be who you are. So I encourage anyone who wants to be an MBAer to carefully start thinking about what you really want to be and whether you can be happy knowing an MBA will take you there. If you have the answer, I guarantee you are way ahead of the pack. Taking this opportunity I would like to thank Varun and his team for the once in a life time lessons they have taught me. Good luck!” 

Ghaleb, Jordanian Accepted to INSEAD and Richard Ivy, Canada

Ghaleb , Jordanian Accepted to INSEAD and Richard Ivy, Canada

Ghaleb is Jordanian who was born and raised in the UAE. Before going to INSEAD Ghaleb completed his undergraduate degree from American University of Sharjah and worked in his family business for 3 years.

Ghaleb’s Journey with Brighter Prep in his words…  I remember stumbling upon Brighter Prep after my MBA plans were about to go in fumes. My GMAT prep has stagnated and the hopes of getting into a top school seemed miniscule at that moment. Then I met Varun who seemed unusually upbeat about my chances. I followed his suggestion and attended the GMAT prep course and simultaneously started working on what schools to apply to. And what a journey it has been. We looked at which schools would suit my unusual profile and deliberated what would be the ideal GMAT score to push me into these schools. Throughout the application process, I constantly got cold feet, but I had Varun to talk some sense into me.

I particularly remember one day after we started the INSEAD application; after going through the essay questions, i went to Varun and told him this is not happening. He would take none of it though. I soldiered on, put my head into it and with much hand holding I cracked the GMAT with a 700 and got accepted at INSEAD! It would not have been possible without Varun. With his help I managed to get into INSEAD with a sub par GPA. I would not have been able to do it if it was not for Brighter Prep.

I have already recommended Brighter Prep to most of my friends and would not hesitate to do it again. Brighter Prep has given me a chance to pursue something I have long dreamt of.

Hisham, IMD Switzerland

Hisham, IMD Switzerland

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your efforts and dedication in helping me pursue my MBA dream. I started with a keen interest in joining either INSEAD or IE business schools.

However, I ended up joining IMD Switzerland and that was mainly based on a recommendation from your admissions team. After visiting the school in Lausanne and spending the whole day there during my assessment day, and after researching a lot about the school, I am confident that IMD will be the right schools for me.

I cannot express my gratitude enough, you were all instrumental in the entire process. I must add that the mock interview with Emilio was spot on. The real interview was to a great extent similar in terms of content to what Emilio simulated. In my own opinion, the interview on the assessment day went very smooth and successful.

Joe Frem, Lebanese Accepted to INSEAD and IE

Joe Frem, Lebanese Accepted to INSEAD and IE

 “My name is Joe and I got accepted in INSEAD Business school class of December 2013. In October 2011, I was considering this fact a dream. But when I met Varun for a first consultation, he showed me that this dream is makable and worth fighting for.

We started with the GMAT courses where highly skilled teachers conveyed the know-how to crack the test. Quantitative and Verbal classes, at very convenient hours, were made of rules, tips and many many examples.

After a good follow up from both the teachers and Varun, I was able to score a 680 on my GMAT, nailing 5.5 on AWA, 85% on Quant and 69% on Verbal. (When I first took my gmat I scored 5 on AWA, 80% on Quant and 33% on Verbal). In parallel, I was working with Varun on my applications.

He helped very much in underlining aspects- both professional and personality- in my life very relevant to the Adcom. And with his help, I was able to secure a place in INSEAD.  I would like to thank him very much because without his help, my dream would have never come true.”



As a child and even as late as a year ago, names like Kellogg, INSEAD, Cornell, Harvard were all names I revered and often dreamt about. Varun Jain was the “god sent angel” who connected the dots between me and these top B Schools. You will find many career management institutes boasting of their strategies & past successes, but very seldom you get to see a person that actually comes closer in implementing his strategies “strategically” according to the profile of every client.

There are institutes available in the market, where you have a first level meeting with the proprietor and then you are delegated to one the executives who gives you guidelines and fixed templates to write your essays. Very rarely does one find a mentor/counsellor/owner who takes time out understanding your life and then gives insights based on your life experiences. It does not end there !!! Every B School has a certain “ideal profile” that they look for in candidates.

I think Varun will help you narrow down to that profile, by giving you advice that will help shape your career for the good. I mean we all are like polished uncut diamonds – we need someone to sharpen and broaden our skills, smoothen the rough edges and further polish our profiles to match the requirements of B Schools. Varun is exactly such a Diamantaire. The main criteria for choosing an admission consulting firm is its potential to invest time into you. I don’t remember how many times I called Varun to clear my doubts and had more than an hour lasting calls.

And to my surprise, he never showed any disinterest or frustration while clearing my stupid and naive doubts. Although I was miles away from his location, he never made me feel like it. Also, his connect with alumnus of almost all the top B Schools further strengthens the comfort level of clients. I remember interacting with over 10 alumnus from various schools including INSEAD, LBS, Kelloggs and Cornell.

The kind of holistic review comments I got in my essays didn’t only change the face of my essays but also made them more sensible, logical and precise. Today, Varun is one of the few people I know who have actually changed the lives of many. Going to admission consultants with a 700 + GMAT score with over 3 years of work-ex in a Consulting firm and then getting into the top B Schools is a “NORMAL” scenario which we hear of most of the times.

We seldom here of consultants who achieved success with clients having scores between 600-700 and less than 4 year of work-ex. This is what Varun brings on table – an application that not only gets you interview calls but also admission into the top B Schools. I would definitely recommend Varun Jain to all without a single thought of hesitation. It is only and only because of him that I got accepts from INSEAD, Kelloggs and Cornell.

Sarah GMAT -710, Harvard

Hi Vinod,

Was just about to email you! 🙂

Unfortunately, the GMAT didn’t go as well as expected 🙁 Only got a 710, which is far lower than the 760 I was getting before. The test felt a LOT trickier than the GMATPrep, to be honest. The breakdown was Q44, V44.

While I’m quite disappointed with the overall score, I’m still hoping that the rest of my application (essays, recommendations, resume, etc.) will be strong enough to carry me through.

Thanks again for all your support!


Hi Vinod,

Just writing to update you regarding business school. I got interviews with Harvard, Wharton, and MIT, and was accepted into all three. I chose Harvard and will be attending that in the autumn for my MBA.
My husband, Mohammed, got into Columbia for MPA, which was his top choice. However, he will be deferring it while I’m at Harvard so that we can both live in the same city for at least the first year. He will most probably do the MPA the following year once I’m more settled in Boston.
Thanks again for all your help during the prep phase!

Dear Vinod,

Thanks again for everything! Will keep you posted once I hear back from the business schools.

Divyang GMAT-710

Hi Varun

It gives me great pleasure to share some good news with you. I gave my GMAT yesterday and I scored 700!! The score breakdown was 46 in Quant, 40 in Verbal and 7 in IR. This was my 3rd attempt and it feels really good to close my GMAT pursuit with this score. In my previous 2 attempts, I had scored 600 (Q46, V27) in March’14 and 560 (Q42, V26) in April’13, respectively.

It has been an extremely long journey but it feels good that my hard work finally paid off. I thank you all for all the help and support throughout the past 1 year.

I look forward to meeting you today at the center.



Tarek GMAT-690 ( improved from 480 to 690)

Dear Varun,

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to Brighter prep for your assistance in getting me ready for GMAT exam within 8 weeks. I went from a 480 to a 690… the results speak for themselves. My biggest improvement was on Quant, which will be looked at closely in my applications. Credit goes to Mr. Vinod who worked hard to get me there.
I am applying to some nice colleges for a Masters in Accounting that starts in the fall. Namely GW, Virginia, and Maryland. All schools have requested a 500 word statement of purpose. I’ve written one for GW, but of course I’ll be sending essentially the same essay to all schools.
Please review this essay and let me know what you think.
Tarek Sawaf

Dhiraj GMAT-700

Hi Varun,

I attempted the GMAT this morning (10 June 2014) and scored a 700 (Q47, V39).

While 700 certainly isn’t a bad score, I can’t say I’m entirely happy with my performance, as my scores in two previous practise tests were higher (720 on 2nd June and 750 on 7th June). In fact, the 750 score was on the official GMAT software test number 4. In both practise tests, my verbal score was 42, dropping to 39 in the actual test this morning.

Based on your B-school admissions experience, can I go ahead with my score (700) for MBA applications to Tier 1 (HBS, Stanford, MIT, Haas) schools? Or do you suggest I attempt again in a months time?


Ahmed GMAT-750, MBA- Wharton

Hi Vinod,

It went well I got 750 and got accepted into Wharton. I am currently in the US.
Hope all is well with you.


Farrukh GMAT-710 (improved from 580 to 710)

Dear Vinod

Thanks a lot for your concern. I am done with my GMAT. I got a 710! . As you know, I started with 580.

Thank you so much for all your help. I came to the institute today, unfortunately, could not meet. I have left a small token of appreciation for you at the desk.

Thanks again! 🙂

IELTS Testimonials- Samita IELTS 7.0

From: Samita Panda
Date: Sat, May 23, 2015 at 4:12 PM
Subject: Thank You
To: Marwan Taha

Dear Marwan,

I am glad to inform you that I got through IELTS by achieving 7 band.
Thank You very much for your help, the course was really helpful.

Thank You!


IELTS Success Story - Emmanuel 7.5

Dear Josh,

I am very happy with my performance in IELTS Test, got an excellent score on the IELTS exam today.
I want say thanks to Brighter Prep team, especially Practice tests organizer (Ms. Jessen) and my trainer (Mr. Josh).

I can’t believe it in 4 weeks, i did it, so far in my life never had success in a Month

My Score was as follows:

Listening: 8.0
Reading: 7.5
Writing: 7.0
Speaking: 7.5

Overall: 7.5

Thankful to Brighter Prep

Mohsin Saeed - IELTS Band 7.0

Dear Ms Gloria

I am glad to inform you that i have achieved my required band 7 (each module) in my academic IELTS exam(in first attempt). Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I really enjoyed your teaching style which not only helped me to pass my exam but also to improve my English language skills in my daily life. A teacher like you is really a blessing for the students.
Now i need your best wishes for my further immigration process.


Best Regards
Mohsin Saeed

Zeeshan Iqbal IELTS 8.0 Band

Dear Ms Gloria Butler,

Thank you and appreciate your generosity.

I did manage to re appear for IELTS and thankfully have got my intended results this time around. Wanted to share it with you :). Moreover I am surprised with it as this time around I didn’t have time to practice enough.

Listening – 9
Reading – 9
Writing – 7
Speaking – 8.5

I am very pleased, this clears my first step, lets see what the future has for my intent to migrate abroad.
Wish you all the best Ms. butler 🙂 Thank you for everything.

Zeeshan Iqbal