Test Prep Trainers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Istanbul Turkey

At Brighter Prep, the trainers and counselors mean everything. Their creativity, dedication, passion, and focus to provide the best in test prep guidance has been well proven over the years.

Brighter Prep trainers and counsellors take a holistic approach to helping candidates become better decision makers, and have a “bring out from within” approach to helping candidates create new opportunities for themselves, in line with their deeper aspirations.

At Brighter Prep we know that test preparation is about much more than imparting knowledge and

disseminating information. We recognise that what students really need is to acquire or enhance skills that they can later replicate, so our teaching is not about learning rules, but about gaining skills which can then be transferred to all other areas of life.

These skills can be the hard skills of analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning and reading comprehension, but also the soft skills of efficient time management, quick and effective decision making, choosing a focused strategy as well as managing their emotions in the entire process. We know success is most often anattitude game, so at Brighter Prep we also focus on helping our students build the confidence they need on the way to fulfilling their vision.

Iunia Pasca

Head of Academics

A Business & Economics graduate, Iunia has been involved in education for over 10 years, from the formal aspects of standardized testing and international education to the non-formal ones of soft skills development and holistic education.

All of the above and more are skills she finds valuable to share when working with students who are International Educational aspirants, and she has had the privilege of working with thousands of students across four continents, from Singapore, China, India and Malaysia to Dubai, England, Romania, and Kenya. She finds great joy in helping her students not only achieve great results in their standardised tests, but also in understanding how to hone, integrate and utilise in their every day lives the skills acquired in the process of preparing for the respective tests. She sees education as a way, not a destination, and each hour spent in the classroom as an opportunity to grow as a person and a professional.

When not working, Iunia loves to network and travel, as well as write. Her first book, “Through the world, towards me” was inspired from the years she spent living in or traveling to 45 countries across 4 continents, and saw the light of day in 2013. Its readers are demanding a sequel, and that might just happen sooner than later.

Vinod Kumar

Math Trainer, Double Masters in Mathematics

Vinod Kumar is an experienced Math trainer. He brings to Brighter Prep more than a decade of experience in Math Test Training for GMAT, GRE, SAT, SAT-II Math, UKCAT and BMAT and other tests.

In the GMAT Quantitative section, Vinod scored 98%, and in the GRE Math section he could score 800/800. Before he joined Brighter Prep, Dubai, Vinod worked in India for Manhattan Review and Princeton Review. He held different positions as an Academic Coordinator and Academic Head.

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