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Maya Cantrell

Trainer, Hofstra University

Maya graduated from Hofstra University in May 2014 with majors in Political Science, Global Studies, and Geography. Before university, Maya took a year off to travel and volunteer abroad. She taught English in South Africa and Nepal, and worked in an orphanage in Thailand. After graduating, Maya packed up and moved from New York City to Colombia for 5 months where she taught English in a vocational school run by the Colombian Ministry of Labor. She‘s also traveled to Spain, France, the UK, Malta, Switzerland, Belgium, Egypt, Australia, and Mexico, and she’s lived in Italy and New Zealand. She speaks Spanish and Arabic, and she pretends she speaks Italian, but she forgot most of it since studying abroad in Italy.

Maya enjoys getting creative while teaching. In Colombia, she had to create her own ESL curriculum from scratch, so she knows how to make it fun. She‘s all about games and cracking jokes in class, but she’s totally serious about making sure her students get the best scores on their exams. Maya likes being available for her students all the time. She never lets an email go unread, and she’s been known to respond to requests in the wee hours of the night.

Maya loves watching Parks and Recreation (if you pay attention, you‘ll probably catch her using a line or two from the show on a daily basis), eating hummus (she frequently uses it as a condiment… like ketchup), and listening to Drake and Childish Gambino. She’s also addicted to her iPhone and panics whenever it’s not in view. Maya has never seen any of the Star Wars movies and has only watched one horror movie in her entire 24 years of life. She plans on keeping it that way.

MBA Admissions in Dubai & Abu dhabi

MBA Admissions in Dubai & Abu dhabi – Consultant’s Profile



Admissions Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Emilio is a Minnesota native who graduated with distinction from the University of
Wisconsin – Madison majoring in political science, international studies, and history. Emilio has been writing and editing professionally for over three years, and has worked in a number of educational organizations in both the Midwestern US and Middle East. Emilio enjoys blogging on foreign policy topics, improvisational comedy, and learning about different cultures.

Emilio previously worked at the Embassy of Iraq in Washington, DC, and the Publications Department of the Middle East Institute, both in writing intensive roles. At the University of Wisconsin – Madison Emilio earned national awards for his leadership in philanthropy, and his fraternity raised over $110,000 for childhood cancer research over four years.

As an Admissions Consultant with Brighter Prep, Emilio specializes in working with undergraduate and graduate students individually to reach their dream colleges and universities. He has extensive knowledge of the admissions processes in the US in particular, and has helped students gain acceptance to top programs across the world in medicine, engineering, business, law, and beyond.

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